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Hi there!​ I'm Janine.


Sleep Consultant and founder of The Bedtime Champ, based in South-East London.

As a Mum to two boys, Ralph, and Rupert, I’ve had my fair share of sleep challenges over the years.

My oldest son, Ralph had silent reflux and severe tongue-tie from birth which wasn't treated appropriately and although he seemed to sleep well through the night, daytimes were a challenge. 

Ralph rarely napped. As a baby, the only time he was content throughout the day was when he was feeding. As you can imagine, our days often involved an endless cycle of feeding and screaming. We were both exhausted! 

At around 4 months of age, we managed to get the right treatment along with some gentle sleep coaching and a solid routine. Oh, what a difference it made! He started to take more frequent naps and became a different child. Finally, we both could get some well-earned rest.

My youngest son Rupert, on the other hand, had no problem napping. Only if the naps were in someone's arms or a sling. The moment he was placed in a cot, he proceeded to scream the house down. I became desperate to find a way to encourage Rupert to sleep in his cot. 

After many sleepless nights, I felt like I hit a brick wall. I had spent countless hours sifting through mountains of conflicting advice, much of which went against my natural instincts as a mother. Some advocated for letting infants cry it out from birth, with what they referred to as the 'extinction method,' whilst others advocated for bedsharing. Neither option was right for me and my family.

This conflicting advice appeared at every stage of the parenting journey. It was overwhelming. 

I found most of my friends with young infants had also become nervous wrecks when it came to the topic of sleep, with a perpetual fear of getting it wrong.

My experience as a mother to Ralph and Rupert inspired me to train as a Sleep Practitioner. 

My Approach

I help families and their babies get better sleep.

As a Sleep Consultant, I focus on gentle techniques that promote a secure attachment style in your child. 

I take a completely holistic approach to baby sleep training. I consider the full picture from a child’s environment and diet to individual sleep needs. I marry this with your child's temperament and your family values to create a sleep plan that's tailored completely to your child’s specific needs.

My Credentials:

✔️ OCN Level 5 Certified Sleep Practitioner
✔️ Fully insured

✔️ DBS Checked
✔️ ICO Registered
✔️ Certified training in reflux, colic, and food sensitivities 
✔️ Member of the British Sleep Society

✔️ Member of the International Pediatric Sleep Association


Are you and your family ready to start
getting better sleep?

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