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The essential self-paced online gentle sleep course for babies aged 4 to 18 months of age.

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Does this sound familiar?

You have a baby aged between 4-18 months of age and they are waking multiple times a night.

Sometimes for hours.

You keep being told to sleep train your baby, and keep being told to just let them cry it out.

You know change will involve some crying, but you don't want to leave your baby to cry it out, or you've tried it, and it didn't work.

You need things to change - maybe because you're returning to work soon, you plan to stop breastfeeding and you're worried about how your baby will sleep without the boob, or you're just exhausted and need things to change.

They need to be fed, rocked or bounced to sleep or they scream - and sometimes this process can take hours.

People tell you they just need to learn to 'self settle', but you don't know how.

Your baby will only seem to nap for 20-30 minutes unless it's a contact nap, and you're feeling touched out. Every time you try cot naps it ends in disaster.

You can't afford a sleep consultant, but you don't have the time or headspace to do the research yourself into a different approach.

But you would also like someone supporting you along the way to give you confidence and support.

Need some extra support?

Course Access


  • Access to the course platform

  • Access to the private Facebook community

Course Access

(plus troubleshooting consultation)


  • Access to the course platform

  • Access to the private Facebook community

  • One 45-minute online video consultation with me

  • 4-day sleep log analysis

  • One follow-up email

Get instant access to...

Step One

Infant Sleep


Learn what's normal for infant sleep (and what's a red flag), how to implement a healthy daytime routine and how to set up the perfect environment to promote better sleep.


Step Three



Learn how to transition your baby from contact naps to napping in a cot (if that's what you want) and learn how to optimise wake windows and monitor sleep cues to get longer naps.

Mother and Baby

Step Five


Be armed with the tools and knowledge to be able to tackle any blips in the road with confidence.


Step Two

Independent Settling at Bedtime

Learn two gentle and responsive sleeping coaching methods to get your child falling asleep independently at bedtime. 


Step Four

Tackling Night Wakes

Find out how to work out the common causes of your child's night wakes and how to improve and eliminate them.


Bonus Content

Downloadables, videos and audio

All content is supported with downloadables, bite-sized videos and audio.

PLUS: Get 15 downloadable naps routines for all ages and access to the private Face

Kid with Pacifier

What other families say...


"We have seen huge improvement in our little one's sleep...

...Our lives as parents has changed and improved greatly and I'm finally getting more time to myself."


"Janine has changed our lives!


We are all getting more sleep, and we couldn’t recommend Janine’s services any more highly."


"We reached out to Janine for some help with our 15 month old. He had been waking multiple times a night for 6 months. We now have a toddler who sleeps through the night and self settles in the night."

Hello, I'm Janine!

I'll be your your sleep consultant

I'm an OCN Level 5 Certified Sleep Practitioner and Mum of two based in South-East London. I offer one to one consultations in person or remotely worldwide. 

I have found through my work with families that most don't want to spend lots of money on working with a sleep consultant, but if they don't they are either guided to cry-based sleep training method, or told to grin and bear it. This course gives you all the vital information to be able to change and improve your child's sleep habits in a more responsive way.

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