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The Essential Gentle Baby Sleep Course

Your step-by-step online sleep course designed to demystify your child's sleep challenges and improve sleep for the whole family. Created specifically for babies aged 4-18 months of age.

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Does this sound familiar?


Multiple Night Wakes

Your baby is waking up multiple times a night needing lots of physical support to get back to sleep. The amount of time and effort it takes is unsustainable for you - you're just exhausted.


Short Catnaps

You've downloaded loads of printable nap routines that all suggest your baby should be getting a 2-hour lunchtime nap. Your baby only ever has short 20 to 30-minute catnaps (unless they are on you).


You Don't Want to CIO

You've probably done all the late-night Googling and joined all the baby sleep Facebook groups to only be presented with one of two options: wait it out and bed share, or cry-it-out. Neither option feels right for you.

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The Essential Gentle
Baby Sleep Course


Infant Sleep Foundations

Start by learning how to build the right foundations to promote better sleep by ensuring your baby's sleeping environment is set up for success and you'll learn the easy tweaks you can make to your day to make consolidated sleep more inevitable.


Independent Settling at Bedtime

Teach your baby exactly how to fall asleep independently at the start of the night with two gentle and responsive sleeping training methods to choose from.

You'll have a clear sleep strategy to get you from feeding or rocking to sleep to settling independently - without CIO.


Mastering Naps

By the end of this module you will have mastered getting your baby to transition from contact naps to napping in a cot (if that's what you want) and you'll learn how to tweak wake windows and monitor sleep cues to extend those frustrating short catnaps.


How to Tackle Night Wakes

During this module you'll learn how to get to the root of your baby's night wakes and you will have clear strategies to manage and reduce those night wakes.



Be armed with the tools and knowledge to be able to tackle any sleep problems that are causing blips in the road with confidence.


Bonus Content

​PLUS: Get 15 downloadable nap routines for all ages and access to the private Facebook community for ongoing support and advice.

Each module contains bite-sized lessons with videos, audio and downloadable material to support you to learn in the way that's most convenient for you.

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After you've completed this online sleep course you will...



...have a step-by-step strategy to follow to eliminate the guess work and overwhelm.


Gentle & Responsive

...learn three responsive, in-room sleep training techniques that you can adapt to your child to get them sleeping more independently.


Become the expert

...have all the tools, information and support to be the expert of your own baby's sleep. You'll be able to adapt routines and techniques to your child.

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Private Facebook™

Group Access

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"Within 4 days my son is already starting to sleep in 4/5 hour blocks. Waking up maybe 2 times in the night for a feed...and is self-soothing at bedtime and yesterday for every single nap.

I can't believe how quick it has been to see the changes"

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What other families say...


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Everything Included...

As well as having access to an online course platform with evidence based information bite-sized video and audio-based lessons, all content is accessible as printable PDF guides

  • 8 printable baby sleep guides

  • 15 downloadable nap guides

  • Over 30 bite-sized video & audio modules

  • Private Facebook group for ongoing support


Downloadable Nap Routines

No baby is the same, so understanding that they won't all follow the same routine is key. The routines will give your day structure but can be used alongside the other nap guides so that you can confidently adjust the wake-windows if you need to.


Do you have a baby aged between 4-18 months of age and you're experiencing some or all of the following issues with their sleep?

😴 They are waking multiple times a night
😴 They need rocking, feeding or physically supporting to sleep and that's unsustainable to you
😴 They will only have short catnaps during the day - unless those naps are contact naps
😴 Bedtime used to be easy, but now it's taking longer and longer and you dread it
😴 You are the only one able to do the bedtime routine/settling and your baby cries if ever your partner tries to help
😴 You have been bedsharing just to get more sleep - but it's not something that's sustainable for you long-term
😴 You feel your baby has no routine at all

Firstly, I want to reassure you that you're not alone, your baby is normal, but there is lots you can do to improve things in a loving and responsive way.

The Essential Gentle Baby Sleep Course is for babies aged 4-18 months of age and it teaches gentle and responsive sleep optimising strategies. It can help you to:

⭐️ Develop a routine that is flexible to your baby's needs
⭐️ Get your baby self-settling in their own bed without using sleep training methods that require you to leave your baby alone to cry
⭐️ Help you transition from contact naps to cot naps
⭐️ Help you to extend naps
⭐️ Give you multiple strategies to manage night wakes/night weaning

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Hello, I'm Janine!

I'm Janine an OCN Level 5 Certified Sleep Practitioner, owner of The Bedtime Champ Baby Sleep Consultancy, and Mum of two based in London.


During my early 20s I spent time as a live-in nanny in Italy, Spain and the UK caring for children aged between 1 to 10 years of age. I eventually settled working at the UK's biggest online community for parents: Mumsnet. I worked at Mumsnet for 12 years.


It goes without saying that parenting in 2023 is hard - there's the added pressure of having to be and do everything. Having to often work full time, and raise a family and often without a support network close by.


During my time at Mumsnet, I saw the power and value in online communities where our 'village' was otherwise unavailable. But I also saw the confusion and overwhelm caused by mixed and conflicting information online. The polarising debates were anxiety-inducing.


When it comes to sleep there seems to be the same age-old debate: you either sleep train with CIO methods, or you bed share. There seems to be no in-between.

With this course, I seek to give you step-by-step methods and strategies that are evidence-based, responsive and gentle.

This course gives you all the vital information to be able to change and improve your child's sleep habits in a more responsive way.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do the sleep training methods on this course require me to leave my baby alone to cry? No! This course does not use the following methods: extinction, cry-it-out, controlled-crying or the Ferber Method. The methods in this course are in-room methods. There are now three options available all of which allow you provide varying levels of support and comfort to your baby. The course will help you to determine which option is right for you and your baby. The methods are not 'n0-cry' at all, as some babies can and will cry if you try to make changes to the way you settle and resettle them to sleep, but all methods involve you being present and offering support which is then scaled back over time.

What age is this course appropriate for? This course is aimed specifically at babies aged between 4-18 months of age. For younger babies I do have a 0-3 month sleep guide here.

How long will I have access to the course content for? You will have access to the course content forever. The cost is a one-off price and there are no monthly fees to retain access to the course content.

What if I have an issue with the course? Please get in touch with me. My email address is

Will I get one to one support when I purchase this course? This course includes ongoing access to a private Facebook group that sits alongside the course. If you choose to purchase this course as a standalone purchase for £22 then you will not get one-to-one support from me, but you can purchase a one-off consultation alongside the course at a reduced price of just £67.

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