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Better Sleep.
For the Whole Family.

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Helping babies and children sleep better with evidence-based, gentle and responsive sleep support.

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Sleep Consultations
with The Bedtime

There is no 'one-size-fits-all' approach when it comes to child sleep issues. When you work with me as your Baby and Child Sleep Coach you will never be given a generic sleep training plan. I take into consideration your child's specific circumstances: I analyse your child's routine, sleep environment, diet, activity and their sleep pattern (the timing and frequency of their night wakes). You can be confident every factor has been taken into consideration when creating your bespoke sleep plan.


I use a variety of responsive and gentle methods and will tailor a sleep plan that works for your child's temperament and fits your family values.

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Customised Sleep

Plan & Routine

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Home Visits

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Does this sound familiar?

You have a baby or toddler who experiences some or all of the following:

✹ They are waking multiple times a night - sometimes waking every hour 

 They need lots of rocking, feeding or physical support to fall asleep and that's unsustainable for you 

 They will only have short catnaps during the day - unless those naps are in your arms 

 Bedtime used to be easy but now it's taking longer and longer and you dread it 

 You are the only one able to do the bedtime routine or any resettling of your baby 

 Your child cries if your partner or another caregiver tries to help 

✹ You are bed sharing to get more sleep - but it's not something you want to continue with long-term 

✹ They are having multiple night feeds and you're not sure how many of those feeds they really need 

 Your child will wake for the day anytime from 4am and you can't get them back to sleep 

 You feel your baby has no routine at all  

 You want an approach that is holistic and responsive and doesn't involve you leaving the room to let your child cry it out 

Book a free 15-minute consultation to see how I can help.

Sleep Support Packages

Not sure which option would be the best fit for you? Book a FREE no-obligation intro call with me to discuss your specific situation.

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About Me

Hi! I'm Janine, A Mum of two, certified Baby Sleep Consultant, and founder of The Bedtime Champ. 

My mission is to support exhausted parents and their children to get a good night’s sleep, consistently.

I use a variety of gentle methods that foster a secure attachment style in your child and I always tailor each sleep plan individually. The Bedtime Champ will empower you with the right tools and support to help you to get to the root of your child's sleep problems and to help encourage your child to sleep through the night.

I am based in London, and offer in-home consultations in the London area, but I offer a range of services including virtual consultations worldwide and an online baby sleep course. 

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Results with
The Bedtime

I know how it feels to be sleep deprived because I've been where you are...

Before training as a Pediatric Sleep Practitioner, I previously spent time as a live-in nanny looking after children up to 8 years of age working in the UK, Spain and Italy.

Following my time as a nanny I worked in events and PR in children's book publishing. I then spent 12 years working for the UK's biggest and most successful online platform for parents - Mumsnet. 

During my time at Mumsnet, I saw the power and value in online communities where our 'village' was otherwise unavailable. But I also saw the confusion and overwhelm caused by mixed and conflicting information online. The polarising debates were anxiety-inducing.

As a Mum to two boys, Ralph, and Rupert, I’ve had my fair share of sleep challenges and sleep deprivation over the years.

My oldest son, Ralph (7) had silent reflux and severe tongue-tie from birth which wasn't treated appropriately and although he seemed to sleep well through the night, daytimes were a challenge. 

Ralph rarely napped. As a baby, the only time he was content throughout the day was when he was feeding. As you can imagine, our days often involved an endless cycle of feeding and screaming. We were both exhausted! 

After a few months, we managed to get the right treatment. This alongside some gentle sleep training and a solid routine was a game changer for us. I felt as though I was able to finally enjoy parenting.

My youngest son Rupert (2), on the other hand, had no problem napping. Only if the naps were in someone's arms or a sling. The moment he was placed in a cot, he proceeded to scream the house down. I became desperate to find a way to encourage Rupert to sleep in his cot. 

After many sleepless nights, I felt like I hit a brick wall. I had spent countless hours sifting through mountains of conflicting advice, much of which went against my natural instincts as a parent. Some advocated for letting infants cry it out right from birth, with what they referred to as the 'extinction method,' whilst others advocated for bed sharing. Neither option was right for me and my family.

This conflicting advice appears at every stage of the parenting journey. It is overwhelming. 

I found most of my friends with young infants had also become nervous wrecks when it came to the topic of sleep, with a perpetual fear of getting it wrong and all had anxiety about looming sleep regressions.

I've been told my sleep support is reassuring, caring and always put the needs of your baby first.

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