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The £89

ONLY for babies aged 4-18 months of age

Your baby is waking multiple times a night needing to be fed, rocked or comforted to sleep. During the day your baby will only take short catnaps - unless those naps are contact naps. You are exhausted. You may have resorted to bedsharing to cope, but it's not a strategy you want to persist with long term. You want to get your baby to sleep more independently, but you absolutely don't want to use controlled-crying or cry-it-out methods. You want methods that are gentle and responsive.

The £94 Gentle Sleep Consultation package includes:

A full sleep evaluation of your child's sleep issues 
Analysis of a sleep questionnaire 
 Analysis of a 3-day sleep log 
A tailored Sleep Plan 
A 45-minute online consultation with Janine 
A video recording of the consultation 
Free access to my Gentle Baby Sleep Course platform 
Ongoing access to a Facebook support group 

The £94 Gentle Sleep Consultation

Sleep Evaluation

When you book the consultation you will receive a link to fill in a questionnaire, a 3-day routine and sleep log, and you'll receive a link to book a slot for your online consultation. You'll submit the questionnaire and the routine and sleep log at least 2 working days before your consultation.

One-off consultation

The online video consultation with Janine and it will last for 45 minutes and will be recorded for you to watch back later if you need to. The call will give you specific advice and recommendations to manage your child's specific sleep issues and will talk you through a strategy to get your baby settling independently with for sleep without using controlled-crying or cry it out methods. You'll also be walked through how you approach transitioning naps into a cot if you want to and how to manage night wakes.

Sleep Course

If your child is 4-18 months of age, you'll also get complimentary access to my Gentle Baby Sleep Course (worth £45). More about the course platform is below.

Ongoing Support

When you book the package you will get access to a private Facebook community for ongoing support from me and other parents going through the same issues as you.

If you're interested in booking this package please book a free 15-minute intro call to discuss whether this package is right for you.

Cost: £89

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Want to just buy the course on it's own?

The Essential Gentle Baby Sleep Course

Alongside the consultation you will get instant access to an online course platform with evidence based advice and information and step-by-step gentle and responsive sleep training methods.

The Course includes:


Self-Paced Learning

The course platform features stey-by-step lessons that will walk you through all aspects of infant sleep. There are 5 modules covering:

  • Infant sleep foundations

  • Gentle sleep training methods

  • Naps

  • Night wakes

  • Troubleshooting


8 Baby Sleep Guides

The course allows you to consume the content in a format that works for you, so as well as bite-sized video lessons there are also 8 downloadable guides.


Ongoing Support

Get ongoing support from a private Facebook community.


Reviews from other parents:


Need something different?

If the package above doesn't fit your requirements,
please get in touch and I can tailor something to your needs.


For example

✹ Plans for twins or multiple siblings 

A one-off advice consultation about a specific issue 

A 'getting back on track' plan for existing clients 

Newborn sleep advice 

If you're not sure what you need I can arrange a free no-obligation call to work out what support you might need.

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